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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  September 5, 2010 10:30am-1:00pm EDT

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down the road with that equation? >> we are not sure yet. this is all fallout from exxon valdez from a long time ago. but there are oil response assets fall of around the coast that are funded by the industry. do they work? how well do they work? >> what do you think the gulf coast residents are going to want to hear on this? >> as these things happen, they want to be protected. the coast guard has been very active in putting the boom is out there and trying to protect the coast. i think the coast guard has a big job, but i think the people think they have been doing fairly well. >> he talked about the coast guard being part of the gulf coast community down there and that they will stay for months, years, however long it takes.
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how do you think people down there would react? >> i think they would be glad about that. you is talking about the operation out in a new orleans and i think people are confident that they are there. >>, but he talked about assets and he did not have any good news there. it was not like when he spoke the people decided to give more resources. and there is a call to draw down defense spending. but the missions that the coast guard is doing are not seasonal. there is a search and rescue and the economic resolutions own. they're supposed to watch our coast, keep drug dealers out,
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keep immigrants out, keep terrorists out. you have to maintain all of that, all of the buoys and the lights and everything that makes the navigation of the waterways in every harbour works. the coast guard needs this money all the time. it is sort of like the police force. are you going to say, that crime wave is over, so we will cut of a police? >> euna think that f. index a ground -- you do not think that the next round of budget talks he will say you need to make changes in our budget, we do need more money here. >> there needs to be someone in congress that will stand up and say you guys are getting shortchanged. >> are there members of congress that say those things.
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>> retired coast guard leaders of the ones that can be free to speak and they have been saying that the budget is getting cut and the fleet is getting old and that they need help. >> the fleet is always getting old. modern fleetsore then -- they are a much more modern fleet down they were 15 years ago. but everything on the great lakes and in cleveland and the mississippi, this stuff is 35 years old. it is falling apart. but we are a lot closer to renting at a russian icebreaker then -- to carry out our mission. >> why does it come back to the discussion of whether the coast guard should be separate from the department of homeland
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security? >> the coast guard very much is a law-enforcement agency. the military is not. but they also are search and rescue. they have so many more missions than anyone else put together. that is one of the problems with their existence, relief finding a good home for them. maybe this will work and maybe it will not. but that is a discussion that you begin to have with the department of homeland security. the >> thanks for being on "newsmakers." [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> congress returns next week. you can watch a town hall meetings in vermont.
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>> i know this plan will fail. health insurance is going to be way too high. you will create what is called adverse selection. anybody that is young that is healthy, you will pay the fine in 2014 rather than spend the money on health insurance. what is going to happen? the healthy young people are not going to be in the insurance pool. what is going to happen to the people over 40 who are sick? what is going to happen to the cost of their insurance? that is why i think it will fail. when you dig government run, single payer -- we need a
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government run, a single payer health care system. >> we need a high quality health care system that guarantees quality health care for every man, woman, and child. we are going to be diluted with lobbyists and big money. why? because in the small state of vermont, if we can show it works, then new york state is not far behind. >> we will show these town hall meetings in their entirety right after the president's speech sunday night. now, president obama oval office address on the end of the combat mission in iraq. 50,000 troops will remain until the end of 2011 to help maintain
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stability and security. this is 20 minutes. >> pretty green, tonight, i would like to talk to you about -- a good evening. i would like to talk to about the end of our combat missions in iraq, the challenges we still face and our mission here at home. i know this historic moment comes at a time of great uncertainty for many americans who have now been through nearly a decade of war. we have endured a long and painful recession and sometimes in the midst of these storms, the future that we are trying to build for our nation, and future of lasting peace and long term prosperity, may seem out of reach. but this milestone should serve a as a reminder to all americans that the future is ours to shake if we move forward with confidence and commitment. it should also serve as a message to the world that the united states of america and intends to sustain and
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strengthen our leadership in this young century. from this desk seven and a half years ago, president bush announced the beginning of military operations in iraq. much has changed since that night. terrorist and sectarian warfare threatened to tear a iraq apart. thousands of americans gave their lives. tens of thousands have been wounded. our relations abroad were strained. our unity at home was tested. even the rough waters encountered during the course of one of america's longest wars, if there has been one constant amidst the shifting times, at every turn, the job they have de and continue to do as well as their commanders. i cannot help but think back to
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a time when the situation in iraq or israel and the situation bleak. -- in iraq was wheel and the situation bleak. the consequences of failure then, as now, were severe. some leaders to oppose, criticized, and fought to stop the search strategy now probably claim credit for the results. one leader in the u.s. house of representatives and declared that the surge was a failure even before it was implemented. one leader in the senate said, and i will quote "this award is lost -- this war is lost,"even as additional forces were being mobilized third. "in fact, i think we will do the
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reverse." these are lawmakers who accepted report from -- support from an anti-war organization that ran of full-page ad in "the new york times", a sneering, a four-star general when they refer to him as "general betray us." these are sad facts. today, we mark progress. i want to thank president obama for setting aside his past political rhetoric and recognizing the importance of this search and a diplomatic agreement signed by president bush and prime minister malaki. something is the thousand u.s. troops are still in iraq. for those -- some 50,000 u.s.
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troops are still in iraq. though the mission has changed, their work is no less critical. there is no stronger bullwark against the menace posed by iran than a democratic iraq. there is no greater inspiration to moderate governments and reformers that a successful rap. and there is no better argument against those who preached intolerance and hatred and a free, stable, and thriving iraq. true success will not be determined by the words politicians speak today, but by their actions in the months and years ahead. the hard truth is that iraq will continue to remain a target for those who vote to destroy freedom and democracy. and the people of that nation and this nation deserve to know what america is prepared to do
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if the cause for which our troops sacrifice their lives in iraq is threatened. i hope the president will address that question tonight when he speaks to the nation and to the world. over the past several months, we have heard about ending the war in iraq. we have not heard much about winning the war in iraq. if we honor what our men and women fought for, we cannot turn our backs know on what they have achieved. only, supportmilitary campaignsn iraq winds down, and invigorated and reenforce afghanistan effort is moving ahead on all fronts. much has been reported about afghanistan, and of like to emphasize a few main points. while the united states have been in this fight for a long time, we must think about the afghan campaign to this point as two different wars. the first, from 2001-2002, was
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won outright when the taliban were ousted, elections were held, schools and clinics were open, and women were liberated from medieval bondage. however -- [applause] with the invasion of iraq, our attention and our resources were diverted. afghanistan became as second- tier priority for troops, equipment, security, and development assistance. starting in 2003, the taliban regrouped, reconsituted the cells in safe havens, and we entered afghanistan. and the violence began to increase in 2005 and has grown worse ever since.
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today, for the first time in nine years, we now have the resources, the troops that, the equipment, military and civilian, needed for this fight. the international military commitment when deployed will reach approximately 150,000, more than three times the number when i became defense secretary going on four years ago, including 45,000 troops from our nato allies and other partners. this dramatic increase in military capability is amplified by a tripling of deployed civilians and a substantial influx of traders. going forward, afghans must accept responsibility for their country. about 85% of the afghan national army is now partnered with isafe forces -- isaf forces.
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general petraeus has worked with president karzai to develop a plan for locally recruited forces that will be held accountable to the government and will give local communities the means to defend themselves. we are committed to enforcing the hard line against the corruption that exploits the afghan people and saps their support for their elected government, and that includes making sure that american tax dollars and other assistance is not being misused. all these efforts were helped build the trust and self- reliance the afghans will need to govern and protect themselves for the long term. encouraging that self-reliance is why beginning a responsible transition to afghan control next summer is so important. that being said, as the president has frequently noted, we are not turning off the lights and next july. as in iraq, our drawdown will be
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gradual and conditions of based, a company by a buildup iraq ony and was awarded the purple heart and the bronze star with a v for valor. and now he works for the new york yankees, and i imagine you're going to go home and see a couple of games -- i imagine. i'm confident as well that general austin, who has already served valiantly in iraq and beyond, is going to continue this proud legacy. we're extremely fortunate to have you take command, general, and i look forward to working with you. and i know you know many of the iraqi political leaders here and their commanding generals, and it's going to be a seamless transition. our fighting men and women were given a mission in iraq that was as complicated as any in our history, an assignment that proved, as clausewitz taught us, that "war is the realm of uncertainty." troops steeped in military
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doctrine were asked to deal with challenges ranging from electricity to unemployment, currency exchange to trash collection. a high-speed invasion that toppled a tyrant became a grinding struggle against violent extremists. empty roads became deathtraps. suicide became a devastating weapon, requiring split-second decisions by young american military women and men that could save the life of a comrade or shed the blood of an innocent. and enemies like al qaeda in iraq waged unspeakable violence against iraqi civilians in an attempt to foster hatred in communities that worship the exact same god. thus far, they have failed.
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the iraqi people, to their great credit, have rejected the ugly face of violence and cast their lot, as well as their ballots, for a better future. and so today, while the threat -- a tragic reality -- of further bloodshed remains, violence has reached the lowest point since 2003, when we arrived here -- shortly after we arrived here. and a great deal of credit goes to iraq's security forces -- more than 650,000 strong, including highly trained special operations forces who are increasingly ready to w citi their fello it is not our place to tell the iraqis who should lead. but i strongly urge them to match the courage that their citizens have shown by bringing this process to a close and forming a government. and i trust they will do so soon. since war is a human endeavor, its contours can never be fully
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drawn with numbers. but the sheer scope of our commitment to the iraqi people bears some reflection. more than a million american service members have deployed here since the conflict began. and i am awed -- i mean, i am in awe of their accomplishments and their significant sacrifices, including all of you sitting before me today. this is particularly true for more than 30,000 troops wounded in action, and over 4,408 fallen angels who have made the ultimate sacrifice along with members of the international coalition. it's no secret that this war has divided americans, but they have never shrunk -- or either political party has shrunk from a united support for an extraordinary united states military, for extraordinary service of our troops.
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as president obama said last night, now is the time to put these differences behind us and come together to meet the many challenges that remain and that we face at home. today is also an important acknowledgment -- it's important to acknowledge the magnitude -- the magnitude of the iraqi losses in this conflict. tens of thousands of security forces and innocent civilians have been killed. many times that number have been wounded and displaced. i pray that all those scarred by this war in iraq come to know the balm of lasting peace. and i believe -- i truly believe that their darkest days are now behind them. they have such a great opportunity as they step up to it. after all that iraqis endured, we understand their deeply felt desire to control their own lives, determine their own fate, and maintain their own
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security. president we kept bush's commitment to withdraw our forces from iraqi cities last summer, why president obama has now kept his promise, made one month after we took office to end our combat mission and draw down to a force of 50,000, and why we will make good on our agreement with the iraqis to remove all our forces by the end of next year. we gather today in a capital that once boasted the planet's greatest assemblage of universities, hospitals, and museums -- a cultural beacon whose centerpiece was a grand intellectual bazaar known literally as the house of wisdom. in modern times, iraq has faced hardships most nations cannot fathom. but it is blessed with vast
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national bounty, natural resources. and the wisdom of the ages lives on in the people here in iraq -- educated, adaptive, and above all resilient people. this inevitable store of human talent and natural wealth are the tools that can now forge a secure and prosperous future for the people of iraq. and god-willing, you're on the path to fulfill that promise again. we're proud to be your partner. thank you all. may god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, we will now begin the change of command ceremony.
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the united states forces iraq was activated on january 1, 2010, by consolidating six headquarters under a single flag to serve as all of the forces serving in operation iraqi freedom. those forces were -- task force 134 detainee operations, a joint area support group central, and the iraqi assistance group. the insignia is the same for that approved for multinational forces iraq. the star represents a vision of unity among the people of iraq. the cross, the partnership between the u.s. and iraqi security forces. the palm fronds represent peace.
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major suborning commands include u.s. division north and south, u.s. division central and 103rd expeditionary sustainment command. from the earlier times, warriors have viewed a banner -- used a banner as a rallying point for its soldiers. but units colors it is a time honored tradition and signifies the transfer of command from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander. the history and traditions and accomplishments of the unit are embodied in its colors. the zero commanders may come and go, the unit's colors remain -- though commanders may come and
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go, the unit's colors remain steadfast. at this time, we would like to invite the vice-president and the secretary to witness the passing of the colors. >> with this change of command comes a change of responsibility. the colors will be passed to the acting command sgt.
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the command sergeant major is the custodian of the colors and represents all the men and women within the unit. he passes the colors to the outgoing commander. the outgoing commander passes the colors to the presiding officer, relinquishing command of the unit. the presiding officer passes the colors to the incoming commander, charging him with the responsibilities of command. the new commander then passes the colors to the new command sergeant major entrusting him with the care and protection of the unit and its legacy. by authority of the president and the congress of the united states of america, the undersigned assumes command of the united states forces in iraq effective september 1, 2010.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the secretary of defense, robert gates. >> it is clear the vice president is taller than i am. [laughter] as are the next two speakers. distinguished guests, i am honored to be part of this occasion, where we transfer command responsibility from one
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outstanding leader to another and reflect on what the men and women of u.s. forces in iraq have achieved under the general's leadership. ray odierno was uniquely qualified to lead our operations in iraq. he leaves as one of the few u.s. army generals in history to command a division, a corps, an entire theater in the same conflict. after commanding the fourth infantry division in the area around saddam hussein's hometown, the general would later take charge of the multinational corps during the darkest days of the war. as the operational architect of the surge with the david petraeus, he helped implement the strategy that led to the dramatic decrease in violence of the past three years. as any student of military
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history knows, any strategy is only as effective as its execution. and without ray and his troops' ability to turn plans into results on the ground, we would be facing a grim situation outside these walls today and, more broadly, a strategic disaster for the united states. the general was on his way to a well deserved post as the vice chief of staff of the army. but duty called on him once more to return to iraq in the fall of 2008 after only seven months at home. it fell to the general and the men and women of this command to build on the gains of the surge, keeping the boot on the neck of al qaeda in iraq while expanding the capacity of the army and police. he did this while overseeing a significant drawdown and repositioning of u.s. forces -- arguably one of the biggest and
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most complex logistical operations in the history of warfare. the dedication of the general, the sacrifices of the troops under his command, and the efforts of art into agency and partners made it possible to be where we are today. with a dramatically reduced troop presence and a new mission as the president and vice-president have described. there is one more group of people to whom credit and honor must be given. and that is linda and the rest of the family. they have seen their husband and father deployed for more than three of the last four years, and for some 55 months since the iraq war began. they have borne the burden and paid the price for this war in so many ways, and they have done so with race and resilience. the best embodiment of all the army families do for our country. i know there will be happy to have him back in the u.s. for his next assignment, leading
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u.s. joint forces command. there, as you know, he faces a difficult and delicate task and a dangerous one as well, at least in a political sense. he is the right leader for that job, and our country will be meeting, i am confident, his talents and his experience in uniform even be that. as america was fortunate to have him there two years ago, we are fortunate to have lloyd austin ready to take the baton from him today. whether leading troops at every level of command or as director of the joint staff, lloyd austin has always led by example, asking nothing of his troops he would not do himself. he has the unique distinction of being awarded the silver star for valor as a general officer, leading from the front during the third infantry division's
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march to baghdad more than seven years ago. i would like to thank his wife, charlene, his son, shane, and the rest of the family for their sacrifices and support then and now. i note he will use his extraordinary talent and experience it to build on the success that has been achieved in iraq, successor bought with the blood and sweat of all observed here. which brings me to a final word to the men and women of u.s. forces in iraq. even as the weight of our military efforts and public attention has shifted to afghanistan, you should know you work here going for it is critical to the future of this part of the world and to the national security of the united states. you have the gratitude and respect of all americans for your service and your sacrifice and for the service and sacrifice of your families. thank you. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the outgoing commander of united states forces in iraq, general ray odierno. [applause] >> thank you. distinguished guests, mr. vice president, secretary gates, admiral mullin, command sergeant major coleman, to my iraqi friends, the deputy prime minister, the prime minister,
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the minister of defense, the minister of interior and all the wonderful general officers of the iraqi army and air force, thank you so much for coming today. you are the future of iraq and we think the future of iraq is very great. i would also take a minute to thank all of those who spent so much time and effort in putting this ceremony together to make it special for both me and general austin. i truly appreciate that. i appreciate the band of color guard, but all the people behind the scenes that we do not ever properly recognize for what you do to make this a very special event. so thank you very much. usually, when you're in a change of command, you take time to thank those who supported you, you name a lot of people, but i have been here 40 out of the last 47 months.
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and i have been here through 24 different u.s. multinational divisions, 211 brigades, over 140 flag officers, so if i tried to thank them, we would be here for a long time. to save you, i decided not to do that today. i would start out by saying it is important to take a step back, to put into perspective where we are today. i believe that it is absolutely remarkable how much the united states and our coalition partners at the time, but most importantly the iraqi people, what they have accomplished. this period in history will probably be remembered for sacrifice, resiliency, and change. response to al qaeda and other terrorist organizations. by voting for peace and stability, the people have sent
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a clear message to their leadership, and i urge all political blocs to respond by forming a government that is representative of their will. it is time for iraq to move forward. through decades of abuse and uncertainty, the iraqi people have continued to demonstrate tremendous resiliency. i know they are determined to make iraq something very different from what it once was, something their children and grandchildren can be proud of and something their forefathers, inheritors of hammurabi, could recognize as matching the greatness of their past. when i return to the states, many will ask was it worth it? what was it all for? to which i will respond with the words of general george c. marshall -- "we must present democracy as a force wholly within itself, the seeds of unlimited progress by the human race. and by our actions we should
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make it clear that such a democracy is a means to a better way of life, together with building a better understanding among nations." we have sacrificed our nation's most precious resource, our sons and daughters, to give the iraqi people the opportunity for a better future. all of you who have served here, civilians and military, should be proud of your contribution. we will never forget the 4163 americans and the tens of thousands of iraqis who have died for their country or the thousands of wounded whose lives who have been changed forever but will always continue to inspire us. we will complete our mission with honor and success as a tribute to their selflessness. i remain confident that general lloyd austin will carry on the legacy of positive change. he is a proven combat leader of
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the highest order. he has worked closely with security forces and senior u.s., coalition, and iraqi leadership. his reputation it has been an honor to serve with you and humbling to lead you. to my family, my wife, linda, michael, katie, my son-in-law, my daughter-in-law, your selflessness, sacrifice and support have kept me going. i will never be able to repay you for your sacrifices and thank you for your unconditional love and support. to all our families, you are true american heroes who selflessly sacrifice for your country. we are all deeply indebted to you. and finally, to my iraqi friends, i am honored to have known you and proud to call you my friends. i will miss you and i will miss iraq. iraq will always be part of me,
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but for now, my journey is home. may god bless all of you, may god bless america, and may god bless the new iraq. [applause] [applause]
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it is my sincere honor to return to this great honor to serve once more with my iraqi friends, and to all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guard men, and civilians serving in iraq, it is my honor and distinct privilege to serve with you as we undertake the next phase of our effort in iraq. the past few years in iraq have been marked by steady progress, and we have witnessed an improvement the lives of iraqis as the country has become more stable and secure, and more self-reliant. the development of the iraqi security forces has been significant, and i commend them for taking the lead in providing for iraq's security. i also command our american
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service members, our civilians, and the department of state and other agencies for their contributions to this wonderful progress. because of your service, the iraqis have had the freedom to participate in two free and fair national elections. the incidents of violent attacks have steadily declined. iraq has begun construction of new relationships with its regional allies which will offer stability and prosperity for the entire region. this is tremendous progress in relatively short period of time. it would not have been possible without a strong partnership between our two nations. although challenges remain, we will face these together. iraq still faces a hostile enemy determined to hinder progress.
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its enemies will continue to seek opportunities to pursue their objectives. make no mistake -- our military forces here and those of the iraqi nation remain committed to ensuring that our friends in iraq succeed. we will demonstrate our commitment through a continued partnership with the iraqis. we will help them develop their capability to provide for their own national defense by advising, assisting, training, and equipping the security forces. we will support the iraqi troops in targeted counter-terrorism operations. we will continue to work with the state department provincial reconstruction teams to assist local and provincial governments as they continue to improve services for the iraqi people. we will work with the iraqi government to strengthen institutions and the rule of
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law. we fully recognize that the u.s. forces in iraq is but one component of the whole effort. as we press forward together, the u.s. mission will continue to transition to an increasing focus on civilian-led efforts. but our national commitment to iraq will not change. i look forward to working very closely with ambassador jeffrey whom i hold in very high regard. we will work together to ensure that this transition is carried out in a thorough and responsible manner. as you know, ambassador jeffrey has a distinguished career of service, and i cannot think of a better partner. i know that we would not be where we are today without the distinguished service, commitment, and sacrifice of so
11:14 am
many americans and so many iraqis. distinguished warriors like former iraqi captain -- and american captain -- the first served in the iraqi special forces under saddam hussein and better side-by-side with american soldiers against insurgents where he became a close friend of an american officer, the captain. in 2005 he was paralyzed in an ambush when he was hit by small arms fire 12 times. wounded, his survival was far from certain. the capt. helped him to give medical care in the u.s., and he refused to leave his comrade until he was cared for. the bond they shared was formed through the hardships they experienced together. it could not be broken.
11:15 am
that is the type of bond that we hope to have with iraq for many years to come. one based on trust, confidence, and mutual respect. ultimately, we want what all iraqis want -- a stable, secure, and unified iraq. who's people feel a sense of security and hope, and whose governmental institutions foster a sense of inclusion in the political process, and with a strong, professional security force that can protect the population and defend the nation. operation new bond markets the next phase of an enduring relationship between iraq and the united states of america. i look forward to continuing to work with the parties to help
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iraq to become a stable, secure, and self-reliant nation. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. [ arab language salutation] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the benediction, retirement of the close, and sing-along during the medley. remain standing for the departure of the official party. >> let us pray -- lord god almighty, may we leave this place inspired to serve in strength, walk in honor, and to pursue wisdom and knowledge for the good of others. let us to the appreciative
11:17 am
lessons we have, so that we might share those with others. amen. ♪
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[drumroll] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain at your seats until the official parties have left the room. >> coming up, opening remarks from secretary of state hillary clinton, and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the middle east peace agreement. following that, a briefing with george mitchell. then president obama on the august unemployment numbers. >> today, admiral robert papp talks about the impact of the gulf of mexico oil and the
11:22 am
budget challenges of the coast guard. >> today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu offered to meet with abbas face-to-face every two weeks to discuss the middle east peace agreement. philip clinton convened a meeting with both earlier this week. this is half an hour -- hillary withon agreconvened a meeting both earlier in the week. >> good morning.
11:23 am
we're meeting in the benjamin franklin room. i want to thank all of you for joining us today to launch negotiations. i know the decision to sit at this table was not easy. we understand the suspicion and skepticism that so many feel, born from years of conflict and frustrated hopes. the tragic shooting on tuesday and additional terrorist acts thecontinuing reminders of cost. but by being here today, you have each taken a important step toward freeing people from
11:24 am
the shackles of history we cannot change, and moving toward a future of peace and dignity that only you can create. so, thank you for your courage and commitment. i also want to recognize the support of egypt and jordan which have long been crucial partners for peace. we appreciate the support of the arab league for revision of a comprehensive peace embodied in these talks. i also wish to thank former prime minister tony blair, the special representative of the quartet, for his leadership and effort. his work in support of the institutional and economic development of the palestinian people is critical to the
11:25 am
success of these peace efforts. as we have said all along, progress on this track must go hand in hand with progress in negotiations. and let me also, as represented by this overwhelming turnout of representatives of the press from across the world, the express our gratitude to many friends and allies who have worked so hard for progress toward our shared goals. to those who criticize this process, who stand on the sidelines and say no, i asked you to join us in this effort. as president obama said yesterday, we hear often from those voices in the region who insist that this is a top priority, and yet do very little to support the work that would
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actually bring about a palestinian state. now is the opportunity to start contributing to progress. for our part, the u.s. has pledged its full support for these talks. we will be an active and sustained partner. we believe, prime minister and president, that you can succeed, and we understand that this is in the national security interests of the united states that you do so, but we cannot and we will not impose a solution. only you can make the decisions necessary to reach an agreement and secure a peaceful future for the israeli and palestinian people. for many of us in this room, this is not the first trip to
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the negotiating table. i looked around and i see veterans from all three of us -- we have been here before, and we know how difficult the road ahead will be. there undoubtedly will be obstacles and setbacks. those who oppose the cause of peace will try in every way possible to sabotage this process as we have already seen this week. but those of you here today, especially the veterans here today -- you have returned because you have seen the cost of continued conflict. you know that your people deserve peace -- the core issues will get no easier if we wait.
11:28 am
nor will they resolve themselves. success will take patience, persistence, and leadership. that's true test of these negotiations will not be their first day, and it will not be their last day. it will be all those long days in the middle when the path towards peace seems hidden, and the enemies of peace work to keep it of scared. but we are convinced that if you move forward in good faith, and did not waver in your commitment to succeed on behalf of your people, we can resolve all of the core issues within one year. you have taken the first step. you have both embraced the idea of the two-state solution -- the only path towards a just and lasting peace that ensures security and dignity for both
11:29 am
israelis and palestinians. i fervently believe that the two men sitting on either side of me, that you are the leaders who can make this long-cherished dream of reality. and we will do everything possible to help you. this is a time for a bold leadership and a time for statesmen who have the courage to make difficult decisions. mr. prime minister, mr. president, you have the opportunity to end this conflict and the decades of enmity between your peoples once and for all. i want to conclude by just saying a few words directly to the people of the region. your leaders may be sitting at the negotiating table, but you are the ones who will ultimately decide the future.
11:30 am
you hold the future of your families, your communities, your people, this region in your hands. for t
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